Q: What is the Quality of the prints and do they print out on the spot at the booth?

A: Quality is our number one concern throughout the experience. Not only do we feel we have the highest quality booth on the market, but the photos are no exception. Many photo booths take grainy, obscured, blurry, warped, color faded photos due to the camera inside the booth and the flash system they incorporate. We use 12 mega-pixel Digital SLR Cameras, not web cams, point and shoot cameras or video cameras. This booth utilizes the Booth 66 signature flash system allowing the capture of brilliantly perfect photos that are not blurry, grainy, out of focus or warped on the edges. And yes, they do print out right on the spot and drop in a traditional drop tray built into the booth in about 25 seconds.

Q: How many sessions are possible with a FaceBOOTH Photo booth?

A: Up to 80 Sessions an Hour. We feel that speed is a VERY important consideration when choosing the best booth for your event. The speed of a booth should not consider the printing time alone, but the overall process time for each session. This is why we have designed our booths to be simple and to the point. Double printing each session does not slow down our process and the next guest is able to hop in the booth and start their process just as soon as the first group steps out of the booth. They do not have to wait for the print(s) to drop before starting their session. After all, the more prints that come out of the booth during your rental, the more entertainment there is to go around!

Q: What makes FaceBOOTH photos different than the other options out there?

A: Other than quality, a big difference is the unique frame of the shot. We shoot a portrait format that is approximately waist to ceiling which allows us to capture "body language" in the photos. There is only so much expression that can be captured with a narrow "head shot" frame in a traditional photo booth, but that is what most booths capture. narrow frames miss the arms in the air, glasses toasting, dancing in the booth, piggy back rides... I think you get the point!

Q: What is the print format that comes out of the booth?

A: We have chosen to use a vertical orientation 4" x 6" print out for several reasons. First, the individual photos are much larger than those of a typical strip. Secondly, it allows us a larger area on the footer or header of the print to customize the graphics, text, etc. to fit your event theme so the print turns into more than a print... it is a perfect party favor! And lastly, guest tend to find a much larger selection of frames after the event if they choose to frame their priceless memory than if the photo was a strip. And lastly, we get great compliments on the large, full and rich photos coming out of our booths every weekend! Why change a good thing!

Q: What is the size of your booth?

A: They take up an area about 3.5' Deep by 6.5' Wide and stands approximately 6.5' Tall. We always suggest to allow a footprint of about 8' by 4' for the booth. Then, you must consider tables for props, guestbooks, etc. when planning the perfect location for your photo booth. Place the booth in the heart of the action and it will get used to its full potential!

Q: How many guests can you get into your booth?

A: Our booths are designed to be just large enough to squeeze a group of 6-8 but still maintain a level of confinement that makes it a true photo booth. There is a trend in the market to create booths that will hold a very large group of guests comfortably, or even shoulder-to-shoulder, but it drastically reduces the true photo booth experience. If you want a picture of the entire bridal party lined up shoulder to shoulder, ask your photographer to take that shot, as that is really not what a great booth is about. Half of the appeal of a photo booth is the "squeeze" factor and the larger, untraditional feeling and looking booths popping up in the market do not achieve this vital part of what it means to be a Photo Booth! They certainly still take pictures and print them out on the spot, but they often lack the appropriate and essential "BOOTH" part.

Q: Can we customize the print design?

A: Yes, that is what makes FaceBOOTH one of the most customizable photo booth experiences available, and we highly suggest the customizing of the prints to make your guests experience unique. We house several full-time graphic designers to assist in this process and we do not rest until you approve and are completely satisfied with the results. We even run into the occasional client that has graphic design experience and can send over a starter file for them to design hands on! Virtually anything is possible with the customization level of our prints.

Q: Do guests choose Black & White or Color Photos in the booth for each session or do we select that option up front?

A: We find that our clients generally have a preference here. This is one of the reasons why we let you decide in advance if you want B&W or Color photos coming out of the booth at your event. Most clients are either going for the "Old School" traditional photo booth look and feel and will choose B&W or they enjoy the vivid nature and look of our color photos and will select Color. When the guests have the choice within the booth, it simply slows down the overall process and reduces the number of sessions you are able to accomplish at your event. We also find it difficult to accomplish vivid color photos and switch to black and white with the same backdrop (curtain or panel) color and also achieve a perfect B&W photo. This is why many booths that have the choice for each shot have a mediocre B&W image and a Mediocre Color image at best. They are forced to choose one neutral backdrop to cover both scenarios.

Q: Will there be someone from FaceBOOTH at the event to make sure things are running correctly?

A: Yes, we have an on-site booth attendant with every booth rental. Their main objective is to be sure the booth is running correctly, but also to interact with the guests to answer questions, pass out hosting cards (if needed), organize props, explain the scrapbook package, make sure guests are being safe, etc. They are there to help your booth rental be a smashing success!

Q: What is included in the Scrapbook package through FaceBOOTH and can I choose to provide my own supplies?

A: When clients choose a package with the scrapbook option or choose to add the package to one that does not typically come with it, we provide a choice of a 12" x 12" scrapbook album, black matte pages, metallic markers, double sided archival tape, scissors, and a table with a black linen to the floor. This table would be set-up next to or near the booth and the attendant would instruct the guests on the process, making sure to keep the table stocked and organized and pulling the entire album together at the end to hand to the client. Now, since all of our packages start with double prints standard, you can certainly provide all of the scrapbook items on your own and save the cost of upgrading through us. We recommend assigning someone to keep an eye on the table and assist guests with any questions in this scenario. Our attendant will still let guests know about the process, but will not take as hands on of an approach as if done through FaceBOOTH.

Q: Can the booth be set-up and ready to go prior to the start time of the rental period?

A: Yes, this is a common scenario for us, especially when the ceremony will be at the same location as the reception. We include up to 1 hour of "idle time" with all of our packages where the booth will not be operational but will be all set-up and appear to be ready. If needed, you can purchase more idle time at the rate of $25/hour and can even inject idle hours within the rental block of time to expand out a 3, 4 or 5 hour package over a longer period of time. This is common if you have a long event and a sit-down dinner planned to where guests will generally not use the booth through that time. We can create a package that will fit any time line, just let us know if you have questions.

Q: Can you get the booth into a location with stairs, elevators or other access restrictions?

A: Our brand new booth called the BULB allows us virtually unrestricted access to any event site... even if there are elevators, some stairs, narrow doorways, etc. There may be a location out there, but so far, we have not run into any that we have been unable to accommodate. Portability, but maintaining a sturdy and event worthy booth is one of the best virtues of the BULB!

Q: What if my ceremony is at the same location as my reception but I do not want the booth to open until the start of the reception?

A: All of our packages include up to 1 hour of set-up "idle time" at the beginning of the event in case you need to have the booth set before the event starts due to a ceremony or cocktail hour happening in the same location. Additional Idle time can be added at the beginning of the event or even in between the operational hours if needed and are added at the rate of $25 an hour.

Q: Can the booth operate as an open stand-alone and have no enclosure?

A: Yes! Our booth does not require the standard backing and enclosure that we typically use. It can be used as an open air booth as well. It is recommended that a good backdrop is factored in to the equation so the pics come out fabulous as always!

Q: Can we rent more than one booth for an event?

A: Yes! We have multiple operating booths and they are all top quality!!

If you have any other questions, please contact us at your convenience and we will be thrilled to assist!

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