Past Events

Valentines Day 2018 with the Visiting Angels

Randi & Ricky Olmsted Wedding

Shriner's Hospital for Children-Love to the Rescue

Winter Glitter 2018

Barkin Ball 2017

George's Christmas 2017

Barrister's Ball 2017

Sherwin Williams Christmas 2017

Waco Center for Women's Health Christmas

Providence-Ascension Christmas 2017

ILSA 20th Christmas 2017

First National Bank of Central Texas Christmas 2017

TFE Christmas 2017

V&L Management Christmas 2017

BDS Christmas 2017

Donuts with Dad 2017

Meg & Shane's Wedding

Visiting Angels at Stoney Brook-Halloween 2017

Midway Homecoming-Southern Nights

Camryn's Quince

Hispanic Heritage Month

HIS Grandparent's Day 2017

CCM Annual Pool Party 2017

Jessica & Matt's Wedding


Simpy click on your event title and you will be directed to the photo gallery of your event! The pictures can be downloaded as easy as "copy & paste"! Enjoy! Not all events chose to be hosted, so they will not all have links.

Recent Events

Event Date Event Title Location

8/12/17 Castle Heights Bijoux Waco, TX
8/17/17 Clear Creek Meadows CC, TX
9/8/17 Hillsboro Intermediate Hillsboro, TX
9/22/17 Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
9/22/17 Waco Convention Center Waco, TX
10/14/17 Midway High School Hewitt, TX
10/26/17 Stoney Brook Hewitt, TX
11/4/17 Vintage Oaks Ranch Axtell, TX
11/9/17 St. Louis Catholic School Waco, TX
11/30/17 Baylor Club Waco, TX
12/2/17 Truett Seminary-Baylor Waco,TX
12/8/17 The Palladium Waco, TX
12/9/17 Texas Sports Hall of Fame Waco,TX
12/9/17 Groesbeck Civic Center Groesbeck
12/14/17 Baylor Club Waco, TX
12/15/17 The Barn Hewitt, TX
12/16/17 Karem Shrine China Spring, TX
12/16/17 Baylor Club Waco, TX
12/17/17 Phoenix Ballroom Waco, TX
12/31/17 Waco Convention Center
1/20/18 Knox Hall Waco, TX
2/10/18 Karem Shrine China Spring, TX
2/10/18 Baylor Club Waco, TX
2/14/18 The Delaney Waco, TX

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