Past Events

The Little Gym of Waco Grand Opening

TACA Client Appreciation Dinner-Linebarger

Groesbeck High School Project Graduation 2018

Etzy & Luis Wedding

Emily & Colby Wedding

Mayfest 5K Color Run 2018

Central Faith Muffins with Mom 2018

China Spring Soccer Banquet 2018

Whitney High Senior Class Luau

Rosebud-Lott Prom 2018

Musical Fine Arts Banquet 2018-Whitney High

Jonathan & Micah's Wedding

Muffins with Mom-St. Louis Catholic School

The Party

MCH Prom 2018

Lancer Ball 2018

Reicher Prom 2018

Midway High Senior Party 2018

Meridian Prom 2018

Whitney High Prom 2018

Giovanna's Quince

BBQ & Beers 2018

Felicia & Dalton Terry Wedding


Simpy click on your event title and you will be directed to the photo gallery of your event! The pictures can be downloaded as easy as "copy & paste"! Enjoy! Not all events chose to be hosted, so they will not all have links.

Recent Events

Event Date Event Title Location

3/3/18 Deerfield Estates Waco TX
3/17/18 Downtown 301 Waco, TX
3/17/18 Castle Heights Bijoux Waco, TX
4/7/18 Beaumont Ranch, Grandview, TX
4/7/18 The Barn Walnut Springs, TX
4/9/18 Suspension Bridge Waco, TX
4/14/18 Reicher Gym Waco, TX
4/19/18 Bell County Expo Center Belton, TX
4/21/18 Methodist Childrens Home Waco,TX
4/21/18 East Terrace Historic House Waco
4/26/18 St. Louis Catholic School Waco, TX
4/28/18 Eagle Warehouse Hillsboro, TX
4/30/18 Whitney High School Gym
5/5/18 Westphalia Texas
5/6/18 Thousand Trails, Whitney TX
5/10/18 China Springs High School
5/11/18 Central Faith Daycare Waco, TX
5/12/18 Copperas Cove, TX
5/19/18 Tenroc Ranch Salado, TX
5/26/18 Deerfield Estates Waco, TX
6/1/18 Groesbeck High School Gym
6/4/18 Lava Cantina Frisco, TX
6/23/18 The Little Gym of Waco

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