Our PhotoBooth


The Booths are what set FaceBOOTH at the top of the market. Utilizing the BEST tool for the trade is never a bad thing! There are three main characteristics that make our photo booths the best choice for any client... Quality, Speed and a unique Photo Frame.

Quality: Some booths use point and shoot cameras, web cams or video cameras to capture the images, limiting the quality of the photo from the get go. Our booths use 12 mega-pixel SLR professional cameras to capture the highest quality photo. Quality is not only reflected within the photos, but the booth itself is event tested and client approved!

Speed: The faster the booth, the more entertainment is available to be had! A simple process means more sessions at your event. Our booths can accommodate up to 80 sessions an hour and the process is reset and ready for the next group prior to the prints dropping in the tray, so the booth becomes a revolving door!

Photo Frame: This is one item that most do not think about but makes a world of difference in the entertainment value of our particular booth. Our booths take a wide angle portrait that captures everything from waist level to the ceiling of the booth. This allows the capture of "Body Language" which is much more entertaining than a traditional tight squeeze head shot.

Introducing our baby... meet The BULB. The combination of speed and quality makes the BULB the most entertaining booth available. Why is this state of the art booth called the BULB? For several reasons, but mostly due to its footprint being similar to the shape of a light bulb! This allows subjects to spread out once inside the booth to accommodate anywhere from a single guest, to a larger group with ease!

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